Need a fun place to come and play some games? Youthstorm Bingo in Windham brings you a multifaceted weekend of time to play and relax! All proceeds raised from Community Bingo will benefit the ministry of Youthstorm, a non profit charitable organization geared toward helping young people discover their purpose and identity. 

Bingo is an atmosphere of food, fun, friends, and prizes of all kinds. Try your hand at something new and bring a friend, too! It’s worth it!

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Pay out Amount on Regular Games
All prizes are subject to increase or decrease based on actual attendance. **The amount paid is based on attendance as follows: 

Paper Cards Sold by 6’s

6 - $5.00
12 - $6.00
18 - $7.00
24 - $8.00
30 - $9.00
36 - $10.00
42 - $11.00

Hard cards not available unless supplied and approved. 

Gold Cards pay double

Gold Card - $1.00 / card, $3 / strip
Early Bird Game - $1 / strip or 6 for $5
Odd / Even - $1 / strip or 6 for $6.00
Shot Gun - One Free, .25 cents each extra
First Winner Take All - $1 / strip or 6 for $6
Second Winner Take All $1 / strip or 6 for $6

Bonus Tickets are available. 
Long Shot, 
Several other Pull Tabs

For more information on Ticket prices:
Other Information:
Concessions are from 5-8pm
There is a smoking room available.
Open every weekend except for major holidays
On Friday and Saturday, the doors open at 3:00pm
All bingo games start at 6:30!

Doors Open at 3:00
Early Bird Begins at 6:30

Youthstorm Inc.
The Crossing Life Church Hall
122 N. Lowell Rd.
Windham, NH 03087