Unite, Equip, and MobilizeWhile some may believe that youth culture has remained unchanged, statistics prove otherwise. Many children and youth are facing an increase of life challenges without the support systems they need. The “at risk” classification is broadening and increasing in scope and size. Studies show a higher percentage of “at risk” young people in rural areas than urban centers. YouthStorm is working to turn the tide on this trend.

Who We Are
YouthStorm, Inc., founded in 2000 as a nonprofit organization for leadership development in youth services, has a rich history of partnering with parents, schools, churches, communities, and non-profit organizations to more effectively reach and support young people and their families. This has been accomplished through a wide array of activities and programs including conferences, camps, special events, training seminars, community service initiatives, internships and mentoring. Our vision is to unite, equip, and mobilize young people to understand their identities, to effectively fulfill their purposes, and to authentically impact their communities and world.

What We Do
Our vision to unite, equip and mobilize the next generation begins with a focus on the development of the young person with a clear understanding of the importance of the other healthy relationships and to igniting a sense of purpose for their community and world. From individual development and mentoring to camps, community service initiatives, and larger events, YouthStorm is seeking to make the world a better place.     

From humble beginnings in Lawrence, MA working with children in our Vision Project and serving many community development initiatives, YouthStorm has extended to other parts of New England, California, and Europe. Over the past 16 years, mentoring has been paramount in producing genuine, lasting results in the lives of young people. Young people in our program have demonstrated marked improvement in building healthy relationships, making responsible decisions, improving grades and attendance in school and extra-curricular activities, avoiding “at risk” behavior, and preparing proactively for their future whether it be higher education or a vocation. In fact, some of the older, more entrepreneurial youth were mentored in starting businesses that are successfully in operation today.

YouthStorm has also developed an extensive community collaboration with other churches, schools, businesses, and organizations (faith-based and nonreligious alike) to more effectively reach, support and engage young people and their families. It has been exciting to see this collaboration blossom over the past few years. In New England, YouthStorm partnership initiatives like Camp Renaissance, a camp hosted on the nearly 100 acres of Crossing LIFE Church in Windham, NH, make it possible for underserved young people to experience the outdoors, a variety of enrichment activities, recreation, art and music with an underlying focus on identity, character, vision and purpose. This will be the best year yet through partnerships with several organizations in Lawrence, MA.